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What Happens to Abandoned Patents?

IP LawPatents / October 23, 2015 / No Comments

No one likes to see anything abandoned, patents included. You just want to save them and give them a new life. But how do you know if a patent has been abandoned and what can you do about it? Here’s all you need to know about abandoned intellectual property. It’s important to clarify that this article does not pertain to patent applications, which also can be abandoned. It refers only to those patents that have been granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).   The Definition of an Abandoned Patent After a patent is issued, maintenance fees must be paid at 3-1/2, 7-1/2, and 11-1/2 year intervals. …..

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The Duties and Perks of Becoming an IP Lawyer

IP Law / September 17, 2015 / No Comments
The Patent Lawyer Duties Job Description and Requirements

The field of intellectual property (IP) law is currently enjoying significant growth. The field of specialization is intended to protect the human mind’s creations. These include the types of inventions that generally qualify for regular patent protection; artistic and literary works like plays, music, artwork, and books; trade secrets; and product names, logos and packaging, slogans and taglines, symbols, and designs and images used in commerce. There are primarily 6 areas encompassed in the practice of an IP lawyer. These are patent law, copyright law, trademark law, trade secret law, unfair competition, and licensing.   Why Intellectual Law Practice Is on the Rise At present, it is generally accepted that …..

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How to Patent Your Idea and Why You Have to Do it

Patents / September 17, 2015 / No Comments
How to Choose the Right Intellectual Property Lawyer for Your Idea

Getting a patent for your product is important because then, people would know that you are the one with the exclusive right to manufacture and sell. You’d gain the respect you deserve, and of course, you can really be proud that the product is of your own making. However, getting a patent could be tricky. There are definitely a number of things that you have to keep in mind if you want to patent your idea Determine whether your invention is patentable or not. Yes, not everything could be patented, you see. One of the things you should remember about obtaining patents is that something has to be useful to …..

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